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Q: Can I have friends or co-workers in the room with me and share my package/time?

 A: Yes, you can have one other person in the room with you. Other friends can watch on the live video screens just outside of the roome.

Q: What is the purpose of this place?

A: The main objective is to have fun and relieve stress and try something different with your friends and coworkers.

Q: What days of the week are you open?

A: We are open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A:  Sessions are 5 minutes to 15 minutes

Q: Is there an age minimum?

A: Yes. Must be at least 16. Anyone under 18 years must have parent signature on the waiver form.

Q: Is this a form of therapy?

A: While we do not claim to be Mental Health Providers in any way, we feel it’s a great way to release a variety of emotions within a controlled environment and have fun while doing it! It’s also a nice workout!!!

Q: Are there any clothing requirements?

A: Protective gear will be provided except for footwear. No open-toed shoes or canvas sneakers are allowed. Long sleeve shirt and long pants (no holes or rips) are required.

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